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What is a Ductless Mini-Split?

Mini Splits are smaller heating and cooling systems that allow you to control temperature in individual rooms.

There are only two main components to a mini split system: an outdoor compressor/condenser and an indoor evaporator/fancoil. Air comes in through the indoor mini split unit. The air is then heated or cooled by the outdoor mini split unit before it returns to your home from the indoor mini split unit.

They are easy to install, and generally only require a single hole through the wall to connect the two units. They are also quiet, efficient, and inexpensive options when compared to most heating and cooling systems.

Mini Split heating and cooling systems are a great choice for new homes, but they are an even better choice for existing homes that don’t have air ducts readily available, or don’t have room for air ducts.

How a ductless mini split system works
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Ductless Mini Splits May Be Right for Your Home


Why Choose a Ductless Mini-Split?

Mini Split systems are inexpensive, minimally invasive, and much more efficient than most central AC systems or wall/window AC units.

You may especially want to choose a Mini Split heating or cooling system if you don’t already have duct work going throughout your home, or if you don’t have the room for duct work. Mini Split systems can also be hooked up to multiple rooms, so you can control the temperature of each individual room, or even completely shut off a room’s heating or cooling.

Another good attribute of Mini Split systems are how inexpensive they are, which has resulted in Mini Split systems becoming one of the fastest growing systems in the United States. If you have been researching installing central ac, then you know that installing a new central ac system can get very expensive. A Mini Split system can deliver great home comfort for a fraction of the cost of more traditional heating and cooling systems.

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