HVAC Tips and Tricks

HVAC articles featuring Do-It-Yourself (DYI) tricks and tips that help you troubleshoot, repair, and service your own heating and air conditioning systems.

Condenser Coil Cleanings

Often times, people are looking for AC repair due to a lack of preventative maintenance & cleaning. During the spring and summer, pollen plugs condenser coils. When the condenser coils become plugged, or clogged, the AC units will shut down or give inaccurate pressure readings. No one wants a broken air conditioner in the heat of summer! Rather than looking for air conditioning repair after your system breaks, we recommend staying ahead of the game and cleaning and tuning your AC system entering the summertime. The included photos show the before and after of a condenser coil cleaning.

Coil before cleaning

Coil after cleaning


Prevent Allergies

The pollen count is at a high this year! Tree pollen, grass pollen, and ragweed pollen makes it hard for anyone, especially those sensitive to allergies, to breathe easily. Allergies aggravate everyone in their daily lives. Luckily, we can control the air in our homes by being proactive about heating and air conditioning system maintenance. When you let pollen build up in their AC units, the pollen will clog the coils of the unit. Clogged coils often lead to system malfunctions.  Moreover, when pollutants collect in the filter of your HVAC units, the unit will push the pollutants throughout your home- this is why it is important to be proactive about changing the filters in your home heating and air conditioning units. Cleaning the vents along with the filters reduces pollen, dust, and mold that may build up within the air ducts. Ultimately, a clean system will ensure that you and your loved ones stay happy and healthy. Leave the outdoors outside, breathe easier and have a cleaner home by cleaning your air filters and air vents.

Compressor Saver Pack

The #1 reason for homeowners having to replace their air conditioning system is compressor failure & the #1 reason for compressor failure is old and corroded electrical components that cause your compressor to labor over time, damaging your system and costing you money on your monthly electric bill.

Airmen Air Services’ Compressor Saver Pack will replace the components causing your system to struggle and add years to the life of your compressor, all while saving you money on your utility bills.  Give us a call to schedule Airmen Air Services’ custom 21 point inspection today and see if a Compressor Saver Pack can save you this summer.

The included images are a compressor pack before and after the compressor saver pack installation.

Eroded compressor pack before servicing.

Compressor pack after service